Monday, January 21, 2013

Definition of Quality

On his January blog, ASQ's Paul Borawski writes about the definition of quality. Should there be a single definition or should it be left to individuals as to how they view quality? Limiting quality to a single definition would be a challenging task. I would be surprised if someone can come up with a definition that everyone agrees on. Perception of quality may be different from person to person. My definition of quality would be "the relentless and ongoing pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life". We seek quality in everything we do. It is not limited to products and services. Quality of life in general is what makes us happy and satisfied. Products and services we use, foods we eat, clothes we wear, air we breath are all aspects of life and the level of quality that we experience in all this is important to us. However, the level of quality depends on how we perceive it. What I consider as high quality may not be perceived the same by somebody else. This explains why there are many definitions of quality and there is nothing wrong with that. Each individual, company, organization, community and government may have its own way of defining quality. What's important is how close we are to what we define ourselves as.